Home Consultation and Showings

Home Consultation and Showings

Home buying consultation and showings only is a fee-for-service arrangement in real estate where a real estate professional provides specific services related to the home buying process. In this arrangement, the real estate agent or broker offers consultation services to prospective homebuyers, guiding them through the various steps involved in purchasing a home.

The consultation phase typically involves discussions about your preferences, budget, desired location, and other factors influencing your home search. During these consultations, we offer advice on market trends, neighborhoods, financing options, and the overall home buying process.

Additionally, we arrange and conduct showings of properties that match your criteria. This includes scheduling appointments to view homes, accompanying you to property tours, and providing insights and information about each property visited.

Home buying consultation and showings only is a suitable option for buyers who prefer to handle certain aspects of the home buying process independently but still want professional guidance and assistance during the critical stages of property selection and viewing. This fee-for-service model allows you to pay for specific services, such as consultation and showings, rather than committing to a full-service representation agreement with us.  

By opting for home buying consultation and showings only, you have more control over your home search process and can tailor the level of assistance you receive to your individual needs and preferences. This arrangement can be particularly beneficial for experienced homebuyers who are familiar with the market and the home buying process but still value the expertise and guidance of a real estate professional.